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ACADEMY: Why invest in Startups?

Posted by Erica Duignan Minnihan on Jun 3, 2016 11:00:00 AM


One of the things that people enjoy most about early-stage investing is getting in at the ground floor of something really exciting. Rather than just analyzing PE ratios and balance sheet strength, early-stage investor are typically investing in the products and technologies of the future. One of the other things that makes it special, is that you often get to meet, speak with, or even advise the founders that you are investing in. You’re investing in more than just a product or a patent, you’re investing in a team and a vision. You, as an early-stage investor, are literally changing the future! And the opportunity to earn big financial rewards when the company is acquired or has an IPO doesn’t exactly hurt either. We dig deeper into why you should here.

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