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ACADEMY: What do I need to know to be an early investor?

Posted by Tanya Prive on Jun 17, 2016 11:00:00 AM


There are plenty of great resources on angel investing. Reviewing the 1000 Angels investor video library is a great start. But we also have some books we think you would love to read if you really want to dig deep. A book we love is “Venture Deals” by 1000 Angels member Brad Feld. Although it’s written for entrepreneurs, it’s a useful read for investors to get the founder's perspective of venture investment as well. Another worthwhile read is “The Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki. Again, intended for founders, but a real asset to helping you learn which founders are doing it right and which to pass on. Our favorite VC blogger is Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, who provides a near-daily dose of wisdom to his readers free of charge. And if you prefer to watch videos, we love the energy of Gary Vaynerchuk, and the Ask Gary Vee Show, which is webcast. You might learn more about marketing than investing, but he’ll keep you abreast of all the right marketing channels that tech startup you are thinking about investing in ought to be using. And he’s got plenty of opinions on how to identify great founders from the wannabes.

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